Our Approach

We get you up to the minute and keep you moving forward

Specialists in business software, with a level of understanding you'll love

MeshFusion specialises in software for business management. We are founded by management and software consultants with decades of experience, so right from the get-go you will find we can talk your language and, most importantly, innately understand what you're saying, what you need, and how best to deliver it. This gives you a distinct advantage in working with us against working with other developers who don't as readily understand what you do.

We have experience in developing bespoke solutions across a whole range of industries and organisations.

MeshFusion has a highly talented software development team who, as well as working directly for clients at MeshFusion, are consulted at the highest level by the likes of Sony, the International Baccalaureate, the Hut Group, and others to fix software problems which these organisations' own IT personnel are unable to resolve. So you're getting the best of both worlds with MeshFusion: the very finest IT people with business software nouse allied to businessmen who properly understand you, your needs, and your working practices.

Before commencing any project, large or small, we will spend time consulting with you in order to comprehensively understand your firm and the departments our solutions will be utilised by in order to ensure that we always provide the best solution. Indeed, it is often the case that our enhanced appreciation of what is truly needed and desired by our client firms has led us to come forward with ideas for extra functionality not previously thought of in the original brief we received that have been enormously well received and enthusiastically utilised. It should be stressed that this is not a way of increasing our fee but of simply providing the very best solution and software development service. We're always happy to adjust the original brief and have been known to include extra items free of charge when they make another element of our build easier.

With MeshFusion you are guaranteed:

  • Brevity of code: Our hallmark is the high quality of our programming – we never use hundreds of lines of code when, thanks to our expertise, we know the functionality can be achieved with just a few lines of code. This is important because excess code = a potential drain on server and system resources, as well as a maintenance headache just waiting to happen.

  • We're here to deliver what you need, not to justify our own existence: Most non-IT managers will have experienced the type of IT person who is ever so keen to show just how much work a particular thing requires them to do. It's tedious, and all you get from that is an excess of code that drains system resources and delivery of a finished piece of work that's taken longer than it should have if the IT person had simply eschewed that silly behaviour. We don't do that; we prefer to make it look easy. Count on it.

  • Lifetime bug warranty: our work never has bugs (a) because we're very good at what we do; and (b) because we test everything to the nth degree before delivering it to you. So a lifetime bug warranty is something we are delighted to give you with total confidence.

  • Scalable solutions to allow for future growth and/or adaptation: let's face it, the thinking behind you engaging us will include the thought that you're going places, and the software we then deliver will be a key part of enabling your growth. So what we develop for you will reflect that mentality.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Instructional documentation and personal training

  • Delivery on time and on budget