Do more for your clients and for the benefit of your practice

  • Does your communication strategy encompass your fee-earners and staff as well as your clients and potential clients?
  • Are you taking the fullest possible advantage of all the means of communication that are available to you these days?
  • Are you truly listening to what your clients are saying so that you're empowering yourselves to act upon what you're hearing?
  • Could you achieve more with better efficiency, greater effect, and less cost?
  • Could you 'wow' your clients more and differentiate your firm from your competitors?

These and more are the questions you're probably asking yourself and that we are geared up to answer - not with talk but with fully integrated software of the very highest quality.

Quality of information and the perception of such by your clients

This is where systems and databasing can shine: apps and web and marketing literature and PR and so on are the means by which communication is achieved - but sophisticated database-driven systems should elevate the quality of the information that is communicated. For example:

  • Firm 1 uses a standardised, generic document pack that is posted to their client.

That's a time-honoured and perfectly acceptable modus operandi - but how does it compare to

  • Firm 2 (a Solicicom client practice) provides their client with a system-generated personalised pack direct to their client's secure personal online account with the firm which is available on their phone or any other device, replete with personalised notes for that individual client that have been extracted from the database because they were able to be stored there in the first place, plus video guidance, auto-diarised SMS notifications, and more.

Of course, there's no comparison. Firm 1 has dealt with their client perfectly professionally the way things have been done for centuries. But Firm 2 have unmistakably wowed their client. That's the Solicicom difference.

Everything we do can be viewed as part of the seamless whole of communication

All of it - apps, web, systems, databases - should combine to create one cohesive, effective communication strategy. For example, one of our in-house lawyers takes the view that a casual, off-the-clock conversation with a client - something as simple as a client chatting in reception - can reveal useful information about that client that the fee-earner dealing with their matter could benefit from knowing. But how often is that opportunity missed because there's no way to record that snippet of information? However, if the receptionist had a fully integrated practice management system at his or her disposal that was driven by a secure database into which the info could be logged...

In short, the benefits and possibilities arising from a holistic view of communication are endless. An app enhances your clients' engagement with you, but an app is also a communication tool. The exact same applies to your website(s). Your systems and databases provide massive functionality and efficiency - but they are also tools that facilitate more effective communication through greater knowledge and information recall. We have found that our understanding of this essential premise makes us the best at what we do and pays enormous dividends to our clients following delivery of our solution to their brief.

Two-way communication: the great art of listening and having a dialogue

You know that being a good listener is always the first step to effective communication. But just how effectively are you generating client and employee feedback?

Apps, web, systems and databases all integrating together as part of a seamless whole can ensure that you don't just hear what your clients and employees have to say, but that you truly listen and pay attention to their ideas, problems and whatever it is they want to relay to you. Simply listening and letting your clients and staff alike feel that you are genuinely sincere in doing so is hugely effective. Once you show everyone who interacts with your practice that you are good listeners, they will not hesitate in talking to you in the future - and that means repeat business from former clients and an increase in fresh work from new clients. We understand this and our bespoke software will unfailingly reflect that, leaping your practice's communication strategy ahead of the rest.