Case Studies

How have we helped other firms?

Law Firm 1

Upgraded website with universal device responsiveness and
database-driven content

The brief:

The firm’s website was okay in terms of content but a little bit old fashioned in its look-and-feel, user experience, and overall functionality.

The partners also expressed to us their concern that while the site may work fine on a PC monitor or laptop screen, its usability degraded considerably when viewed on a tablet or smart phone, and their desire for a site that worked on any device.

Our solution:
  1. We recoded and redesigned the site to be responsive to any device by resizing, reordering and relocating elements according to the viewing window size. This enabled the site to work perfectly and be much more user-appealing regardless of whether the potential client was browsing on a 24” PC monitor, an iPad or similar tablet, or a 4.5” smart phone.

  2. We added enhanced user-experience elements such as expanding accordions, roll-over reveals and more, which enabled the site to retain plenty of text but with much more clear white space which is much easier on the eye and more inviting.

  3. Increased and better use of imagery and icons to mitigate against the previously heavy text nature of the site and improve the overall look-and-feel of every page and the general accessibility for potential clients of the site as a whole.

  4. We added client-engagement elements and database-driven sub-routines so that, for the first time, clients were empowered to give their feedback online regarding a number of factors: their online user experience, the way their case had been handled, their thoughts on the client care they had received from the firm, and much more.

  5. Because we coded the above to be database-driven, we were also able to code in a new back-office system for the generation and presentation of management information to key managers within the firm, allowing these managers to act upon the client feedback being received and more accurately spot areas where the firm could improve its client services.

  6. We added significantly beefed-up Google Analytics to the site and trained two key personnel within the firm on how to understand and use the information effectively.

  7. In addition to the work by our programmers and developers, our web content people advised on the web content with a view to streamlining and clarifying the overall message from the firm to its potential clients and making certain lengthy passages of text more concise where necessary.
The results:

  • Monthly unique hits on the website have increased by 23% within 3 months of new site launch.

  • Client satisfaction (based on client feedback) now running at 92%.

  • Personal recommendation of the firm by existing clients has increased by 16%.

  • New work flowing into the firm has increased by 16% after three months of launch and continuing to rise.

  • One area of persistently below-par client service has been identified thanks to the management information and has been remedied by the firm through an intra-departmental personnel reshuffling.

  • The overall difference our work has made through increased website hits, personal recommendation and new work flow can be estimated at c.£140,000pa.

Law Firm 2

Department & practice management systems, with full client communication

The brief:

To create management systems for two departments and another for the management of the practice as a whole. The partners were very conscious of the fact that their existing systems were in some ways incomplete and in other ways not as comprehensive or powerful as they would prefer them to be.

To significantly improve the way the firm communicates with its clients across all departments. The partners rightly believed that they were placing far too much reliance on the post and on expensive contracted personnel engaged to visit with clients to obtain documentation manually, and that they should be taking advantage of what can be achieved both online and via email.

Our solution:

  1. We coded a comprehensive and very powerful management system from scratch on a bespoke basis, tailored uniquely to the precise requirements of the firm. Rather than code three systems, one for each of the two departments plus another for the practice, we created one holistic system that did it all.

  2. Hard-copy files have been replaced with database-stored and backed-up files accessible through 256-bit encrypted user accounts for maximum security.

  3. Key event logging and progress diarising have been introduced for the benefit of fee-earners in their handling of every case and also for senior management who may wish to spot-check any given case and otherwise supervise the way their fee-earners are performing.

  4. Sub-systems have been designed in for use by the firm’s HR team.

  5. Partners and other senior management can view a raft of superbly presented management information in real time that gives them a snapshot of any individual department or of the firm’s performance as a whole across all departments, over any given time frame. This enables ready identification of and faster response to any problems or issues that may have arisen as well as opportunities.

  6. We bespoke-coded a comprehensive client communication suite that includes:

    (i) Personalised system-generated documentation for electronic transmission to clients;

    (ii) Online client accounts in the client section of the firm’s website that clients can access with their own unique username and password;

    (iii) SMS-to-client that can be used both ad hoc by fee-earners and automated from the case management system through key event triggering when a client needs to be notified about something.
The results:

  • Use of outside-contracted personnel has reduced by 84%, saving c.£32,000pa.

  • Postage costs have been reduced by 53%, saving c.£55,000pa.

  • Successful document return from clients has increased by 68%.

  • Case abandonment due to client non-cooperation has dropped by 54%.

  • Personal recommendation of the firm by existing clients has increased by 29%.

  • New work flowing into the firm has increased by 16%.

  • Firm has reduced its secretarial/non-fee-earning personnel by 8 people, saving c.£120,000pa.

  • Overall difference our work has made through costs savings, efficiency improvement and new work flow can be estimated at c.£350,000pa.