Engage with your clients on every device

MeshFusion can help you exploit the enormous benefits of mobile app technology by building high-quality apps that will open new avenues for you to both enrich your client experience and generate new profitable work.

Truly excellent, useful legal apps in the UK are very few and far between at the moment present, so the timing for you is perfect right now. Other firms are inevitably going to catch up, so this is your chance to lead from the front.

Other businesses outside the legal profession are rolling out apps left, right and center – why shouldn't you do the same?

  • Over 50% of online activity is done using a mobile device, and this figure is only going to keep rising
  • KPMG's Legal Pulse Survey found that 45% of corporate and commercial clients are showing an increased demand for outsourced services.
  • When asked to identify the top functions where outsourcing demand is high, the development of apps topped the list at 62%.

We know that it must not be just a case of adopting a 'me too' strategy, rushing out an ill-conceived app just for the sake of it. It must be done superbly in a way that genuinely enhances your firm. Frankly, we wouldn't take your money for anything less.

Nor should apps be regarded as just another way to commoditise your firm’s services; an app should do something that adds real value, enhances the client experience, locks clients into your systems, differentiates you from your competitor firms, generate new sources of revenue and profit, and perhaps even create new markets for your firm.